Thanatophobia:The Fear of Death Phobia

The fear of death also known as thantophobia or dying phobia is the irrational fear of dying. Of course, while its absolutely normal to be scared of death or dying since everyone will
die at some point in time, people with this phobia take the fear in a whole different scale especially when they meet themselves in an event pertaining to life and death.It is one of the most common phobia fear in the world

Causes of Thanatophobia

The fear of dying  can arise due to many reasons. The more common causes of thanatophobia include;

thanatophobia is all what this Post is about

i. Traumatic experience in the past by being involved or witnessing a
life and death situation or perhaps seeing someone die. This by far is
the leading cause of this fear.
ii. The fact that everybody will die at some point in time.
iii. Thanatophobia may also arise because the individual has no clue
as to what will happen after death.
iv. Religious beliefs and the fear of landing in hell.
v. Fear of what will become of the people he leaves behind after dying
especially the family.

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Symptoms of Thanatophobia

The Symptoms of the fear of dying vary according to individual and severity of the phobia to the individual. In severe cases, the person might refuse to go outdoors and feel uneasy at the mere thought of death or anything similar.
General symptoms of thanato phobia however include;

The fear of death also known as thanatophobia is the irrational fear of

* vigilance while walking as if they were gonna be attacked from
behind in an excessive manner.
*It may also cause the individual to tremble, sweet
excessively or even start to stammer when exposed to the slightest
dangers such as getting cut by a knife in the kitchen
* continuous uncontrollable thought about death
* mixed emotions towards others
* frequent loss of concentration and desire to flee from current situations
These are but a few symptoms of thanatophobia there are. A few
variations may be made by each individual.

Overcoming the Fear of  Death

Before treating this particular phobia, one must be certain the patient is really suffering from thanato phobia as a depression, bipolar disorders and others often display similar symptoms with this fear.
Thanatophobia finally best accessed and confirmed by the person himself. If his fears are based on extreme thought of death, then yes he’s probably suffering from it.
After confirmation, the doctor might refer the patient to a mental health professional where proper steps be taken to suppress thanatophobia.

Procedures such as cognitive behavioral therapy, self help techniques, talk therapy, hypnotherapy, religious counseling and many more at a few methods used to get rid of this type of fear.
So if after this you think you’re having thanatophobia, fear not,help is around the corner go see a doctor today and stay safe!

Guest Post by: Olayiwola Ibrahim from PhobiaPro. Trypophobia – the Fear of Holes