Fear of Holes Phobia – Trypophobia

Trypophobia or the fear of holes phobia can be defined as the pathological and irrational fear of  holes and clusters, trypophobic person suffers from anxiety when they see or hear of clustered holes. Such a hole might be the hole in holes in meat, clusters/pores on the skin, on vegetables or fruits or even those in sponges, wood, honeycombs  and the black hole etc.
This post is dedicated to all those who have phobia of holes  or Trypophobic as some might call It and
I was opportuned to know about this phobia while I was having a discussion with a good friend of mine on why some people have fear of soaps due to the harsh chemicals used in producing them and that was when he told  he has the  the fear of  holes. This friend of mine is huge with 6 packs and yet he his scared of holes , so to everyone out with phobia of holes, you are not alone. Trypophobia is one of the most common fears
Trypophobia is a proposed name for the phobia (intense, irrational fear) of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. The term is believed to have been coined by a participant in an online forum in 2005.

It is estimated that about 15% of the total world population have the fear of holes, but unfortunately, scientist are still yet to ascertain the main reason why people are afraid of clustered and asymmetrical  holes.

The world trypophobia which is used to describe those who are phobia of holes was recently introduced into the phobia list in 2005. So at the moment, various research are still going on in various countries to uncover what the fear of holes  is all about and how to effectively cure it.
But this post will do a bit of justice in reflecting some of the recent discovery about Trypophobia.

Causes of Trypophobia-The Fear Of Holes

The fear of holes is general not known to the psychological society and most scientist believe that believed that trypophobia is actually not a phobia that arise from anxiety but from disgust thereby making it easier to overcome when compared with other type of phobias.
  It is believe that the brain of one who is trypophobic tries to associate clustered holes with some kind of danger thereby resulting into a kind of fight or flight response, this in most cases, might be as result of the past trauma such a person might have gone through in the past. It is also believed that a person who once suffers from Skin rash or even chicken pox might have the phobia of clustered holes due to the fact that it brings back the ugly memory of their trauma.
Trypophobia might also be triggered in people who once had a bee sting or knew anyone who once suffer in the hand of bees, bee hives which in most cases is full of several irregular holes might be a triggering agent

Symptoms of the Fear of Holes

Most people that have the phobia of little and clustered holes might experience one or more of the following when they See or hear of holes, be it holes on the skin:

  • 1.
    Rapid heart rate
  • 2.
  • 3.
    Hot or cold flashes
  • 4.
    Feeling of going  crazy and losing control
  • 5.
    Chest pain
  • 6.
    Feeling of choking
  • 7.
    Inability to distinguish between reality and unreality
  • 8.
    Trembling sweating
  • 9.
    Thoughts of death
  • 10.
    Nausea or other gastrointestinal distress

Cure for the fear of Holes

Facing your fears is the best way to treat fear of holes phobia, just like other types of phobia the most effective treatment for trypophobia is Cognitive Behavioural therapy, here, a trypophobic person is exposed gradually to several clustered holes, this will help in distinguishing between reality and mere imagination


Like I said earlier, a little is know about the phobia of Holes but mere seeing the images of Holes can trigger trypophobia in certain people, the only way to know if one is trypophobic is by taking a trypophobia Test, I recently added this test to my blog for those who really wanna ascertain if they have the phobia of holes or not. The test is packed with several images that is capable of triggering Trypophobia in those who have it, a standard grade is also included in all the images, all you need do is to go through the images, add your grades together  and you will be able to really ascertain if you have the phobia of holes or not. If you really want to take our fear of Holes test, Click Here

Common Questions On Trypophobia

Being a new type of phobia, I have been receiving lots of Questions about Trypophobia and I think it will be nice to answer some of those Questions Here.So below are some of the Questions I have received so far and my answers to them.

Is TRYPOPHOBIA a disease? Question 1

Answer: Trypophobia is the unnecessary fear of holes and not a disease itself but Perhaps holes, particularly in organic objects, subconsciously remind us of the symptoms of contagious illnesses that affect the skin, such as the rash or blisters associated with measles and chicken pox, respectively. All of this, of course, is speculation, and just goes to show how little we know about trypophobia. Trypophobia Skin Disease Explains more on that


Trypophobia is the alleged pathological fear of objects with irregular patterns of holes, such as beehives, ant hills and lotus seed heads. Trypophobia is a proposed name for the phobia (intense, irrational fear) of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. The term is believed to have been coined by a participant in an online forum in 2005.

How do you get TRYPOPHOBIA?

Trypophobia is not a disease and as such cant be gotten through insect bites or contact with people with trypophobia, it is the fear of holes and it as nothing to do with your immune system but rather with a section of the brain which associates trypophobia images with danger and as such an exposure to such images with make  a trypopbe or a trypophobic person experience a surge in heart beat, increase in sweating and other symtopms associated with Phobia.A growing number of people are reporting a fear of holes. The reaction is so severe that even seeing photos of holes can set off a panic attack. The condition is called trypophobia.

Is Trypophobia Contagious

Trypophobia is not a disease and as such it is not contagious. Just as I have said earlier, trypophobia as to do with the way the brain is wired and as such cant be influenced by mere contact with someone who is trypophobic

In conclusion,the fear of holes phobia is still very new to the science and several experiments
are still ongoing  to ascertain  it causes and thus it treatment, so If you are trypophobic you can assist us by telling using the comment form below what you think might be the cause of trypohobia and how you feel when you see holes


Androphobia: The Fear of Men Phobia

The fear of men is known has androphobia and the fear name itself was derived from two Greek words Andras meaning men and Phobos meaning fear. It can be defined as the psychological and irrational fear of men. Androphobia is a phobia that affects both males and females but it is mostly common in younger females. So if you have the fear of men or you know anyone who is androphobic, kindly grab a cup of coffee and read along.It is one of the most common phobia

Androphobia is the abnormal and persistent fear of men (Greek: Andras-man and phobos-fear). Like with all fears, the fear of men is also ingrained or pre-programmed as an ‘instinctual response to potential danger’. Such a phobia can afflict men and women, but is typically seen in younger females

Causes of Androphobia

androphobiaAndrophobia can be caused by various reasons but the most common reason why people mostly young females are afraid of men is due to emotional trauma. This trauma might be as a result of sexual or physical abuse that they have once experienced or heard of. And as such, when they see or come across Men, they tend to feel uneasy for fear of being harmed again. Like with many other phobias, the fear of men phobia might continue into adulthood. The sufferers typically refuse to be left alone with a man, despite his being a close friend or relative. They might have nightmares about men. This can greatly affect the quality of life, especially if they refuse to step outside, fearing an encounter with man. The brain of the phobic, mainly its parts like amygdala and hypothalamus “learn” to re-create the same fear response as that at the time of the event. These areas are also responsible for the physical responses to fear.

TV shows, movies, news reports of rape, kidnapping, or murder etc can also lead to fear of men phobia. The phobic may be depressed owing to the fear. S/he might have trouble sleeping and eating due to the phobia. Most stutter or stammer when talking to men. Younger individuals might cry, scream or run away when faced with men.

Symptoms of Androphobia

Just like every other type of phobia, one who has the fear of men or is suffering from androphobia might experience any one of these when they come in contact with men:

  • Sweaty Palms: this a common psychological symptoms for most phobia including androphobia,
  • Increase in Heart Bit: the pulse rate of people who are androphobia tend to increase when they come across Men
  • Trembling
  • Anxiety
  • Shortness of Breath


Overcoming Androphobia

They are several ways by which one can overcome androphobia. The most common treatment for androphobia is cognitive behavioral therapy. This involves a gradual but systematic exposure of one who has androphobia to men. The therapy might start with checking out photos of Cool and gentle guys, then gradually to spending some time with guys. The time frame to be spent with guys might be increased gradually. A girl I knew overcame her fear of Men by making sure she talked to at least a man every day. The length of discussion can vary from between 10 seconds and increased upwards every day. If you are androphic, you can start with greeting any cool looking guy you meet on the way, hold yourself back from Screaming or running away when you see them. One popular quotes says what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So start talking to men, you can  also start with your family members and family friends and gradually move to strangers.

Fear of Germs Phobia – Mysophobia

The excessive fear of germs is a common anxiety disorder in America. The medical term for this phobia is mysophobia.  Mysophobia may be related to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and hypochondria.

Mysophobia is the unnecessary fear of germs. One of the basic symptom of those who are mysophobic is the constant washing of hands anytime they felt they have come in contact with germs, this might tend to affect there day to day activity. They might also become scare of shaking hands with other people, using a public mysophobia-fear of germsbus or toilet, avoid touching doorknobs directly for fear of contain germs from them, or use an excessive amount of soap or hand sanitizer..

Mysophobia, also known as verminophobia, germophobia, germaphobia, bacillophobia and bacteriophobia, is a pathological fear of contamination and germs. The term was coined by Dr. William Alexander Hammond in 1879 when describing a case of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) exhibited in repeatedly washing one’s hands.It is one of the most common fear

Washing of hands is an act of cleanliness and it’s a good idea, but when it becomes excessive, it can be regarded as a Phobia.

One basic thing everyone should understand, especially those who are mysophobic is that we have both harmless and harmless Germs. The Human Stomach house millions of bacterial which assist in the digestion of foods and even when our body comes in contact with harmful germs, our white blood cell as an Immune system with which those germs can be killed in a s much as our exposure to them is not too much.

Mysophobia can have severe social repercussions. Because the individual is terrified of contamination, she will avoid many social situations for fear of coming into contact with germs or dirt. Also, other individuals may not understand the mysophobe’s condition, and think of her as paranoid or hostile, leading to alienation and isolation.


Symptoms Of Mysophobia

There are several symptoms of mysophobia depending on the Extent of fear the mysophobic person as but generally, here are the basic things you will observe in someone who as mysophobia:

  1. Consistent washing of hands with Hand sanitizers
  2. Refusal to touch any/Shake any Human or Animals for fears of contacting harmful germs from them
  3. Avoidance of any social Gathering
  4. Avoidance of Social Utilities such as public Bathrooms, Public toilets etc

Causes of Mysophobia-Fear of Germs

Several Authors have proposed several causes for the fear of germs phobia, but the three most accepted view are:

  • Heredity: It is believed that a larger percentage of those who have mysophobia inherit it from their Parent and runs in the family tree
  • Mysophobia usually stems from an Obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD. The sufferer feels the need to wash his/her hands frequently, which is one of the characteristics of OCD. Naturally, in case of Mysophobia, the motivation to frequently wash stems from the fear of microbes unlike that in the OCD where it is more of a matter of following routine. That being said; most patients are known to suffer from both conditions. A thorough medical evaluation is hence necessary to determine if it is Mysophobia or OCD.
  • Traumatic Experience; It is also believed that any one who once suffer a disease or some kind of ailment  which can be attributed to Harmful Microbes is likely to suffer from Mysophobia
  • Media: The Media (Net, Radio and T.v) adverts have also been linked to mysophobia in some people. Certain advertisement and programmes have been linked to the cause of mysophobia in Some Americans

Treatment/Cure for Mysophobia

The most effective and well known treatment for mysophobia and other types of phobia is the Cognitive behavioural therapy which includes but not limited to gradual exposure and desensitization therapies as well as relaxation training.

Cognitive behaviour therapies help the person with a fear of germs change his attitude and thoughts about them. This involves writing down negative and positive thoughts such as “I fear I will die from germs” to “Germs are sometimes healthy and useful to us” and so on. The patients are then asked to decide on beliefs that are healthier and useful to them.

In summary, mysophobia can be defined as the un  necessary fear of germs and it is characterized in persons who washes his/her hand with soap or hand sanitizers un controllably. The major cure for mysophobia is Cognitive Behavioural therapy.




Thanatophobia:The Fear of Death Phobia

The fear of death also known as thantophobia or dying phobia is the irrational fear of dying. Of course, while its absolutely normal to be scared of death or dying since everyone will
die at some point in time, people with this phobia take the fear in a whole different scale especially when they meet themselves in an event pertaining to life and death.It is one of the most common phobia fear in the world

Causes of Thanatophobia

The fear of dying  can arise due to many reasons. The more common causes of thanatophobia include;

thanatophobia is all what this Post is about

i. Traumatic experience in the past by being involved or witnessing a
life and death situation or perhaps seeing someone die. This by far is
the leading cause of this fear.
ii. The fact that everybody will die at some point in time.
iii. Thanatophobia may also arise because the individual has no clue
as to what will happen after death.
iv. Religious beliefs and the fear of landing in hell.
v. Fear of what will become of the people he leaves behind after dying
especially the family.

Must Read: Fear of Holes Phobia – Trypophobia

Symptoms of Thanatophobia

The Symptoms of the fear of dying vary according to individual and severity of the phobia to the individual. In severe cases, the person might refuse to go outdoors and feel uneasy at the mere thought of death or anything similar.
General symptoms of thanato phobia however include;

The fear of death also known as thanatophobia is the irrational fear of

* vigilance while walking as if they were gonna be attacked from
behind in an excessive manner.
*It may also cause the individual to tremble, sweet
excessively or even start to stammer when exposed to the slightest
dangers such as getting cut by a knife in the kitchen
* continuous uncontrollable thought about death
* mixed emotions towards others
* frequent loss of concentration and desire to flee from current situations
These are but a few symptoms of thanatophobia there are. A few
variations may be made by each individual.

Overcoming the Fear of  Death

Before treating this particular phobia, one must be certain the patient is really suffering from thanato phobia as a depression, bipolar disorders and others often display similar symptoms with this fear.
Thanatophobia finally best accessed and confirmed by the person himself. If his fears are based on extreme thought of death, then yes he’s probably suffering from it.
After confirmation, the doctor might refer the patient to a mental health professional where proper steps be taken to suppress thanatophobia.

Procedures such as cognitive behavioral therapy, self help techniques, talk therapy, hypnotherapy, religious counseling and many more at a few methods used to get rid of this type of fear.
So if after this you think you’re having thanatophobia, fear not,help is around the corner go see a doctor today and stay safe!

Guest Post by: Olayiwola Ibrahim from PhobiaPro. Trypophobia – the Fear of Holes


Trypophobia Skin Diseases-Fear of Holes In Skin

This post, Trypophobia Skin Diseases is for those who would love to know about Trypophobia,its causes, and various Trypophobia skin.

Most People at times misspell the word Trypophobia, some spell it as trypopphobia,tritophobia, tryphobia, or even trypofobia , the correct spelling is Trypophobia, which is gotten from two greek words, TRYP which  means holes and Phobia which means FEAR

 What is Trypophobia

Trypophobia is a proposed name for the phobia (intense, irrational fear) of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. The term is believed to have been coined by a participant in an online forum in 2005. It can be can be defined as the pathological and irrational fear of  holes and clusters, trypophobic person suffers from anxiety when they see or hear of clustered holes. Such a hole might be the hole in holes in meat, clusters/pores on the skin, on vegetables or fruits or even those in sponges, wood, honeycombs  and the black hole etc.It is one of the most common phobia

What is Trypophobia Skin Disease

The world Trypophobia is the pathological or unnecessary fear of holes in Skin,beehives  etc. Pls let me make it clear that Trypophobia itself is not a disease, but it is the fear of holes. So If Trpophobia is not a disease, then there is no such thing as Trypophobia Skin Disease but rather there are trypophobic Skin Diseases. That is, the skin diseases that manifest in such a way that one who is afraid of holes will be scared of seeing. An Example of such disease is that which is caused by the same bacteria that causes athletic foot, the image below is that of a man suffering from such skin disease.




Have you Ever Wondered If you Are Trypophobic or not? If yes, pls Click Here to take out Fear of Holes Test.

Trypophobia Images


Here is a compilation of some Tryphobia skin images;

The leg of girl Exibiting Fear of Skin in Holes


A disease on a Trypophobia Skin


An Image showing a man with Trypophobia disease