Fear of Snakes Phobia – Ophidiophobia

The fear of snakes is called Ophidiophobia and it is a situation whereby one is afraid or scared of snakes whether death or alive.When intense, this fear might lead to heart attack thereby resulting into death.  The fear of snake is the second largest Phobia in the world, it is estimated that for every three adult, at least one of them is scared of snake. So being afraid of snake is not peculiar to you alone, several other people are afraid of snakes.


Ophidiophobia Definition

Ophidiophobia or ophiophobia is a particular type of specific phobia, the abnormal fear of snakes. Fear of snakes is sometimes called by a more general term, herpetophobia, fear of reptiles and/or amphibians. The word comes from the Greek words “ophis” (ὄφις) which refers to snake and “phobia” (φοβία) meaning fear. It is one of the most common phobia

 Causes of The Fear of Snakes

Being the second most common phobia, after the fear of spiders, scientist have worked assiduously to ascertain the real cause of the fear of Snakes or snake Phobia, they find out that the fear of snakes is not something new, but as been in existence since the stone age when our ancestors live in Bushes. As you might have known, snakes are wild animals too and they are commonly found in the Bush, since some snakes are deadly and poisonous so this fear as really assisted man to survive up till this age and the phobia for
snake as always been transferred from One generation to another up to the Present moment.

Apart from the hereditary associated with the fear of snakes, some people are also scared of snakes due to the trauma they once had
with a snake or that they witness. But what most people don’t know is that not all snakes are dangerous, some are harmless to humans.
The fear of snakes Phobia- Ophidiophobia is part of Zoophobia which is a term for the fear of animals.

Symptoms of Ophidiophobia-The Fear of Snakes

There are several symptoms associated with the fear of snakes- Ophidiophobia, but the most common of them is Anxiety.  One who is afraid of snakes suffer from uncontrollable anxiety when they see or hear of snakes. They might also scream, Run or Faint when they see snakes.
Apart from that, people who are afraid of snakes tend to experience a Rush of Adrenaline in their blood stream; these of Course might lead to sudden increase in Heart Beat which is dangerous to one’s health.

Cure For The Fear of Snakes

Since the fear of snakes is mostly hereditary, getting rid of the fear of snakes might be hard but it is possible, listed below are some
of the ways in which one can overcome the fear of snakes.
Resensitization: The is the most effective treatment for Ophidiophobia-the fear of snakes, here, an Ophidiophobic is gradually introduced  to several images of Snakes over a certain period of time, as time go on, they become familiar with snakes and might even be made to touch or hold Snakes.
CBT or cognitive behavior therapy- Cognitive behavior or restructuring helps the individual identify his/her thought patterns that lie
behind the fear of snakes. The patient is made to write down thoughts as to why one fears snakes. These include thoughts like: “snakes are slimy”, “they are dangerous and have the ability to kill humans” and so on.  Writing down these thoughts can help the ophidiophobic identify patterns leading to fear, anxiety and stress. The patients also learn to replace their negative associations with positive beliefs. This, in turn, can help decrease the fear of snakes.

Trypophobia Skin Diseases-Fear of Holes In Skin

This post, Trypophobia Skin Diseases is for those who would love to know about Trypophobia,its causes, and various Trypophobia skin.

Most People at times misspell the word Trypophobia, some spell it as trypopphobia,tritophobia, tryphobia, or even trypofobia , the correct spelling is Trypophobia, which is gotten from two greek words, TRYP which  means holes and Phobia which means FEAR

 What is Trypophobia

Trypophobia is a proposed name for the phobia (intense, irrational fear) of irregular patterns or clusters of small holes or bumps. The term is believed to have been coined by a participant in an online forum in 2005. It can be can be defined as the pathological and irrational fear of  holes and clusters, trypophobic person suffers from anxiety when they see or hear of clustered holes. Such a hole might be the hole in holes in meat, clusters/pores on the skin, on vegetables or fruits or even those in sponges, wood, honeycombs  and the black hole etc.It is one of the most common phobia

What is Trypophobia Skin Disease

The world Trypophobia is the pathological or unnecessary fear of holes in Skin,beehives  etc. Pls let me make it clear that Trypophobia itself is not a disease, but it is the fear of holes. So If Trpophobia is not a disease, then there is no such thing as Trypophobia Skin Disease but rather there are trypophobic Skin Diseases. That is, the skin diseases that manifest in such a way that one who is afraid of holes will be scared of seeing. An Example of such disease is that which is caused by the same bacteria that causes athletic foot, the image below is that of a man suffering from such skin disease.




Have you Ever Wondered If you Are Trypophobic or not? If yes, pls Click Here to take out Fear of Holes Test.

Trypophobia Images


Here is a compilation of some Tryphobia skin images;

The leg of girl Exibiting Fear of Skin in Holes


A disease on a Trypophobia Skin


An Image showing a man with Trypophobia disease


Acrophobia- fear of Heights Phobia

Today,  we will be
talking about acrophobia which is also known as the fear of heights, so if you
are suffering from this type of phobia or knows anyone suffering from it, then
you are in the right place, because I will be taking you through the definition
of Acrophobia , the Symptoms of the fear of height Phobia and the cure and solution.
What is Acrophobia?
The fear of heights is called Acrophobia and it is derived
from two words ‘’Acro’’ and ‘’phobos’’, which means Heights and Fear
respectively, it is estimated that one in every adult suffers from these
Phobia. An Acrophobic person will be afraid of participating in any activity
that involves heights, these might affect there day to day activity. Take for instance;
an Acrophobic mechanic will be afraid of driving vehicles over bridges, a civil
engineer who is Acrophobic will also be afraid of climbing tall buildings
during building inspections
Symptoms of the Fear of Heights or Acrophobia

The fear of heights also known as acrophobia
comes with various symptoms depending on its intensity and the individual
involved, in an extreme condition one who as a phobia for  heights might

be afraid in climbing an elevator, driving over a bridge, or
standing on the balcony of a very tall building, any attempt to do any activity
that involves heights will result into a rush of adrenaline into their Blood
stream leading to an increase of the heart Beat, dizziness , muscle tension,
panic attack, headache and vomiting might also occur.
In extreme cases, loss of breaths and thoughts of dying
might also occur.
It is one of the most common phobia
Causes of fear of heights
The main cause of Acrophobia also known as the fear of
heights is the thought of an Acrophobic person, have you heard the cliché “You
are what you think”, such a thought might arise from:
Past experience of a certain type of danger that
involves the individual
Watching of films
Hearsay experience of some other people
And such negative though that have been said to make people
Acrophobic include:
  1. If I stand on the ledge I will be tempted to
    jump or someone will push me over.
  2. I will lose my balance.
  3. The building structure is weak and will
    collapse, or the elevator car will crash.
  4. I will get dizzy or have a heart attack and
How to
Overcome the fear of height – Acrophobia
Many people who are Acrophobic have been looking for ways
by which they can face their fear and get rid of it, well, there are several
ways by which this can be done.
One common cure to Acrophobia is to face your fear, this is
done by putting yourself in a relaxed mood and they list out everything that
you think is responsible for you being Acrophobic, you may require the help of
a psychologist to actually get free of Acrophobia.
Another way to overcome the fear of height is to subject
yourself to heights itself over a period of time. This is the most common way
by which people get rif of Acrophobia, all you need do is to find the highest
maximum point you can witstand as an Acrophobic person, then increase these
height with time.
So lets say the highest floor you can go in a sky scrapper
is the second floor, try to familiarize yourself with that second floor for a certain
period of time, increase it to the third floor when you see that you no longer
have fear for the second floor, repeat that gradually until you finally
overcome your fear

Arachnophobia-Fear of Spiders Phobia

What is Arachnophobia?
Arachnophobia can be defined as the fear of spiders. It is a
kind of fear that is associated with people who are scared of seeing or coming
in close contact with spiders.
People suffering from Arachnophobia might shout,
scream or run when they come in contact with a spider and these can go a long
way in affecting their day to day activities.

Technical Definition of Arachnophobia

The word Arachnophobia is a combination of two words Arachn
and Phobia. Arachn is a Greek word which means Spider and Phobia is a word which
mean the fear of. So Adding the two words together, Arachnophobia can simply be
defined as the Fear of Spider

Statistics of Arachnophobia

If you are one of those who is afraid of spider, then you don’t
have to panic because you are not alone. A study recently conducted show that
%32 of females and 18% of Males are scared of Spiders, whether real or Image. So its a common type of phobia


Causes Of Arachnophobia

Just like every other type of phobia, scientist have tried
to  bring out possible causes of the
fear of spiders-Arachnophobia, and they have proposed about three reasons that
might be responsible for the fear some people experience when they see a Spider,
so here are the possible reasons
Hereditary : Certain Phobia including Arachnophobia
can be hereditary. That is they occur due to the fact that the trait for that certain
type of phobia is passed from parent to offspring. To know if your fear of
spiders is hereditary, there is probability that someone from your family whether
your brother or cousin or even any one of your parent is also suffering from it.
Arachnophobia that is hereditary might be hard to cure due to the fact that the
brain was wired naturally  by your gene to
create a reaction once you see a Spider
Learned Response : Most people are afraid of Arachnophobia
because they see that other people are also afraid of it
Past Experience : Experience they say is the
best teacher, the fear of Spider might also result as a result of a bad
experience one might have had with a spider, so each time you see a spider, the
experiences flashes back to the brain and a fear impulse will be generated
Symptoms of Arachnophobia
It is very easy to know someone who is Arachnophobic, while
some of them may react by mere seeing the Image of spider such as the one
below, some other people are only afraid when they see a Live Spider, but in
summary here are some symptoms that one who is Arachnophobic might experience
when they see a Spider.
  1. Rapid heart rate
  2. Dizziness
  3. Hot or cold flashes
  4. Feeling of going crazy and
    losing control
  5. Chest pain
  6. Feeling of choking
  7. Inability to distinguish
    between reality and unreality
  8. Trembling sweating
  9. Thoughts of death
  10. Nausea or other
    gastrointestinal distress

Treatment of Arachnophobia

A lot of people have been searching for ways by which they
can overcome the fear of spiders, but luckily for them, the most effective cure
for the fear of spider is through therapy. cognitive-behavioral techniques is mostly
used in treating people with  Arachnophobia.
Apart from CBT, you can also get rid of Arachnophobia by
using Anti-depressant drugs.
One of the more modern methods of treating Arachnophobia
includes systematic desensitization. This is a method that has been used for
treating many different phobias. The goal of gradual desensitization is to
slowly eliminate one’s Arachnophobia and help the individual cope with fear.